London's Male Voice Community Choir

    4th December Winter concert @ St Pancras New Church - 7.30pm TICKETS

  • Bellow Fellows at Islington Assembly Hall


    Bellow Fellows is London's male voice community choir and meets regularly in central London. There are no auditions and everything is taught by ear.

    We sing a variety of music, from well known pop to shanties, work songs & everything in-between.

    More detailed information about the choir can be found here.


    Sessions have resumed for existing members, however we hope to allow new members in 2022. Fill in the form below to show interest and hear about workshops and recruitment.

    group singing open to all men.

    Photo by Alistair Veyard (Chaps Choir)

    Top tunes

    Variety of music

    The songs we sing are carefully chosen from different styles and traditions. A bracing tune one moment to a tender melody the next including songs from rock & pop, folk, and other singing traditions.

    Photo by Matt Veal (Chaps Choir)

    Open to all*


    Whilst we know men enjoy singing, most mixed choirs have few in their ranks. Bellow Fellows is an attempt to encourage men out of the woodwork and get them into a singing community.

    Photo by Diana Jarvis


    No auditions. Learn by ear

    Bellow Fellows is run using principles of the Natural Voice Network. It uses an inclusive and supportive teaching approach, open to singers of varied confidence and experience.

  • Bellow Fellows male voice community choir

    What's it like?

    'On Tuesday night I went to my very first choir practice with 45 other men. This was so far outside of my comfort zone, I nearly turned around and walked away


    It's now Friday and I am still floating on a cloud. Who knew singing in a group could be so joyful and uplifting? Can't wait for next Tuesday.'


    Bellow Fellows regular Simon.

    Back with my choir @FellowsBellow last night, which has reminded me to remind everyone else, just how good #singing is for you.

    Bellow Fellows regular Clive.

  • Performances

    coming up...

    Winter Harmonies: Bellow Fellows & Trade Winds

    4th December 2021, 7.30pm 2021
    Two of London's most vibrant male & female choirs come together again for a seasonal fundraiser at St Pancras New Church. They will sing songs that will delight, move & lift spirits. If you're looking for a Christmas choir concert to attend, look no further!

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    Come & Sing!

    Bellow Fellows

    We meet on Tuesday evenings in Angel, N1 from 7.00-8.30pm. For information on term dates & our rehearsal venue visit this link.

    Bellow Fellows really is open to any man. A common story from new singers is their fear of coming along to the first session, but then how glad they were to bite the bullet by turning up.


    Many of us haven't sung since we were at school; the good news is that no experience is required to turn up and you do not need to be able to read music.

    Dominic Stichbury

    Dominic Stichbury is the founder and leader of Bellow Fellows. He has been leading choirs and singing workshops since 2009. In 2013 he set up Chaps Choir, the first alternative contemporary chorus in the uk that was open to any man. After this project grew it became clear that lots more chaps wanted a chance to sing.

    He has led choirs in schools, prisons and community centres and work regularly as workshop leader with organisations such as The Southbank Centre, Spitalfields Music, Voicelab and London based music education charities to deliver singing and music in a variety of settings.


    Dominic is a UK member of the Spooky Men's Chorale and sings with jazz & groove ensemble The London Vocal Project.


    As well as being a member of The Natural Voice Network Dominic has trained with the Association of British Choral Directors and completed an animateur apprenticeship with Spitalfields Music.




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