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    You're Invited to a Free Concert: This One's On Us!

    Join Bellow Fellows for a night of fantastic music at our free concert, "This One's On Us!"


    Date: Tuesday, July 2nd

    Time: 7:45 PM

    Location: Lift, our home (45 White Lion Street London N1 9PW)

    Admission: Free!

    Refreshments: We'll be selling delicious homemade cakes by our choir members. Yum!


    We'd love for you to join us, whether you're a friend, family member, or just a music lover looking for a great evening.Spread the word and come enjoy some beautiful music!


    Can't wait to see you there!

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  • About

    London's male voice community choir

    Bellow Fellows

    Bellow Fellows meets regularly in central London. There are no auditions and everything is taught by ear. We sing a variety of music, from well known pop to shanties, work songs & everything in-between. The choir is a welcoming inclusive group that is on a mission get more men singing.


    A common story from new singers is their fear of coming along to the first session, but then how glad they were to bite the bullet by turning up. Many of us haven't sung since we were at school; the good news is that no experience is required to turn up and you do not need to be able to read music. Everything is taught by ear in an inclusive and encouraging way.


    We meet on Tuesday evenings in Angel, N1 from 7.00-8.45pm.

    Dominic Stichbury - FOunder & musical director

    Dom is a choral director, singer, arranger and group singing advocate. He is founder & artistic director of male troupes Chaps Choir & Bellow Fellows, one half of vocal duo Ben & Dom and a member of vocal quartet Oaken. He is an experienced performer & choral director and is passionate about getting others singing too, in particular creating positive and encouraging spaces for men to express themselves through voice.



  • Bellow Fellows at Islington Assembly Hall


    Bellow Fellows is London's male voice community choir and meets regularly in central London. There are no auditions and everything is taught by ear.

    We sing a variety of music, from well known pop to shanties, work songs & everything in-between.


    We are currently at capacity. If you're interested in joining fill in the form below and you'll be added to the waiting list. You will receive an email when spaces become available.


    Photo by Alistair Veyard (Chaps Choir)

    Top tunes

    Variety of music

    The songs we sing are carefully chosen from different styles and traditions. A bracing tune one moment to a tender melody the next including songs from rock & pop, folk, and other singing traditions.

    Photo by Matt Veal (Chaps Choir)


    Our mission!

    Whilst we know men enjoy singing, most mixed choirs have few in their ranks. Bellow Fellows is an attempt to encourage men out of the woodwork and get them into a singing community.

    Photo by Diana Jarvis


    No auditions. Learn by ear

    Bellow Fellows is run using principles of the Natural Voice Network. It uses an inclusive and supportive teaching approach, open to singers of varied confidence and experience.

  • Bellow Fellows male voice community choir

    What's it like?

    'On Tuesday night I went to my very first choir practice with 45 other men. This was so far outside of my comfort zone, I nearly turned around and walked away


    It's now Friday and I am still floating on a cloud. Who knew singing in a group could be so joyful and uplifting? Can't wait for next Tuesday.'


    Bellow Fellows regular Simon.

    Back with my choir @FellowsBellow last night, which has reminded me to remind everyone else, just how good #singing is for you.

    Bellow Fellows regular Clive.

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